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Your FREE Windows XP, Email & Internet Training Center!

Computers can be fun and productive. But for the newbie (novice), computers can be confusing and frustrating. Technology can make even the most intelligent person feel a bit intimidated. Basics for Beginners is a FREE site dedicated to helping people new to computers (specifically PC's running Microsoft Windows XP).

Basics for Beginners takes a unique approach to teaching you the basics. Rather than forcing you to read hundreds of pages of text, this site shows you through interactive video tutorials and training aids. Best of all it's all FREE.

  • Terminology – Confused by the computer lingo? Clear up the confusing jargon, terms and acronyms.
  • Basic Computer/Windows Skills – Don't know when to single click or double the mouse? Our training material teaches you basic mouse operation and how to cut, copy and paste. Click Here to view these free video tutorials.
  • Internet – Are you confused by browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Netscape and Firefox? Our tutorials will help you understand the internet and how to get the most out of it.  Click Here to view these free video tutorials.
  • Email – Do you know the difference between web mail like (Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail) and an email client like Outlook Express? Our demonstrations will show you how to set your mail client so you can optimize the storage of your email accounts.  Click Here to view these free video tutorials.
  • Step by Step Demonstrations – Our free video tutorials demonstrate basic computer skills without forcing you read for hours and hours. Simply find a topic in which you are interested, and in minutes you'll be a on your way to being an expert. Click Here to learn more about our tutorials.
  • Time Saving Computer Tips – Windows is full of hidden treasures. Learn about tips and tricks that can save you time and frustration. Click Here to view these free video tutorials.

This site is well suited for people of all ages. Kids, adults and seniors alike can learn the skills necessary to operate their computer like a pro! Don't spend hundreds of dollars for computer training when you can learn the basics for free! Don't waste hours reading books and magazines. Simply watch our demos and in just a few minutes you will be on your way to being a computer expert.

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